Introduction of the faculty
Faculty of architecture and urbanism started its academic and educational activities in 1999 at the same time with the establishment of Tabriz Islamic art university. It started by procurement and restoration of three old houses in a historic district of Tabriz called ‘Maqsudieh’ and accepting 30 students in the bachelor of architecture and 71 others in the master of architecture (from Sahand university).

Now, in this faculty, by the development of more than seven other old houses, students are doing researches and getting educated in bachelor (architecture and urbanism), masters (architecture, Islamic architecture, urban planning and technology in architecture) and Ph.D. (Islamic architecture and Islamic urbanism).
The first historical and cultural set of architecture and urbanism faculty is bought and restored by supreme leader’s donations. This collection is an historical urban fabric with an area of 22000 square meters, registered  asin the list Iranian National heritage organization; which includes ten historic houses by the name of Behnam, Ganjeizadeh, Qadaki, Sadaqiani, Memari Ali Tabrizi (Gohariyun), Ostad Reza Memaran (Javaheriyan) and Najafqolikhan (Ghaffariyan).

Qadaki house:
This building with a total area of 1340 square meters and floor area of 873 square meters is located in the southern side of the complex, being connected to each other in ‘U’ shape towards the south and overlooking ‘Moshire Daftar’ alley. This building contains a very nice hall with Iranian stained glass windows and a joyful spring house that was built in Qajar period and nowadays, are remarkable for tourists and the students.

Behnam house:
This building, with a total area of 1900 square meters and floor area of about 840 square meters, is the oldest building of the faculty. This house belongs to Zandieh period and reminds us of the destructive earthquake in 1193 AH. It has a nice cruciform hall with a belvedere and artistic paintings and decorations that show Azari artists’ abilities and innovation in that period.


Ganjeizadeh house:
This house includes two parts in two sides (one in northern side and the other in western side) that are connected to each other. The building of the northern side was built in late Qajar period, and the western one is built in early Pahlavi the first. Area of this house is about 4142 square meters, and the floor area is about 729 square meters. Following the common style of the time, these buildings are extraverted buildings, and in decoration, neoclassical architectural arrays such as Corinthian pediments and capitals was used.

Sadaqiani house:
This building, with an area of about 6000 square meters and floor area of about 2000 square meters, is located n the eastern side of the complex. This house is architecturally wonderful with a remarkable courtyard, a spring house, and nice facades. The northern mansion of Sadaqiani complex is a great porched building with a nice hall, Persian stained glass windows and a precious marble pond in the basement.

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