Behnam's House
Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism started its academic and educational activities in 1999 at the same time with the establishment of Tabriz Islamic Art University. It started by procurement and restoration of three old houses in a historic district of Tabriz called ‘Maqsudieh’ and accepting 30 students in the bachelor of architecture and 71 others in the master of architecture (from Sahand university).
Now, in this faculty, by the development of more than seven other old houses, students are doing researches and getting educated in bachelor (architecture and urbanism), masters (architecture, Islamic architecture, urban planning and technology in architecture) and Ph.D. (Islamic architecture and Islamic urbanism).

Address : Faculty of architecture and urbanisem, Saat (Clock) Sq, Maghsodiyeh St, Mosala St, Tabriz. IRAN

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